This year the rain is coming early and it will be rainy all areas of the country. And the problems that come with the rain are the health problems. So you should be conscious of the health care of yourself and your family. In addition to the health, the safety of life and property also need to be focused on especially home electrical appliances.  This helps prevent damages that may be caused by electric shock or leakage. It also helps save money of household.

Home Electrical Appliances Care

  • When it is raining and thundering, we should avoid using electrical appliances such as television, video, audio, computer, and etc. To prevent these electrical damage, when lightning occurs nearby, all appliances should be switched off and unplugged. Switching off by using remote control should not be done because the appliances still are active. If there is lightning nearby, the plugged-in appliances may be damaged.
  • Moreover, turning off TV by remote control, the TV is still consuming about 5 watts of power; for 12 hours, it wastes power 0.060 0.060 unit/TV or amount of 0.21 baht/unit* So, if 1 million TVs are turned off by remote control for 12 hours, total power consumption is about 60,000 units totaling 2.1 hundred thousand baht.

Regularly Check Outdoor Electrical Equipment

The electrical equipment located outdoors is likely to be damaged by the sun and rain. So keep checking the electrical equipment in the good working condition. Follow the simple practice:

  • Check the doorbell, if it is found cracks, damages or the wire is worn out, a new one should be replaced. A doorbell with waterproof cap is recommended. It also should be sealed with silicone around the edge to reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • Check the bollard luminaire or the lamp in front of the house if it is in good condition for use. Spiral lamps with 500 – 600 lux** are recommended as the light is adequate for requirements and helps save power more than 480 baht/year. And an important thing should not be overlooked is grounding the lamp to prevent damage from electric current leakage.
  • Check the outdoor wire and plug. Check the wiring that last longer than five years. If something is wrong or defective power plugs is found, you should directly contact your electrician to replace the wires and plugs with size and type suitable for usage conditions. It is also important to choose materials that are resistant to sunlight and water because the non-ready condition may cause hazard to users.

Maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment should be strictly observed to increase energy efficiency and lifespan extension of electrical equipment. It also helps save energy and enhance safety to users.