Investor Relations

Vision, Mission, Goals and Business Strategy


We are an authentic leader of modern cooling products and solutions for air-cooling, energy saving, environment care to meet all needs of customers and to gain recognition on international standards; aiming to contribute to our core sustainability mission by driving well-being for our employees with positive impact on their families, customers, and stakeholders.


MASTERKOOL, an innovative organization who creates quality; for the happiness organization of Masterkool

Business Goal of the Company

The Company has a goal of creating Brand Masterkool to be recognized and be Top of mind brand in misting fan and evaporative fan with the highest market share in the country.

Business Strategy

To achieve the business goal, the Company focuses on 3 main business strategies as follows.

1. Marketing Strategy: marketing through ongoing media relations.

2. Branding Strategy: divided into two parts including.

2.1) Corporate Branding: emphasis on leadership in various fields under the slogan “Authentic Leader of Modern Cooler”, such as being the first in the country who has true knowledge, design and develop our products by our own specialist team who truly understand the product and the market, and our availability of goods and services.

2.2) Product Branding: emphasis on product’s quality in cooling and energy efficiency as an alternative cooler product under the slogan “Super Cool Super Save”.

3. Customer Satisfaction Strategy: customer satisfaction surveys are conducted by questionnaires and calling after sales services so the data analysis is utilized for products and services improvement plan.