Masterkool EKI-24

Masterkool EKI-24

Coverage 40 sqm., energy saving with only 60 st./hr.


Fresh Cool, Not Damp

Masterkool Misting Fan 24”, 90-degree angle swing adjustable.

Reduce the temperature up to

4-8 ° C

Masterkool EKI-24

Mist Level Adjustable

Mist droplets in the air size only 80 micron, Anion system for air disinfection, and water running out alarm system.

Masterkool EKI-24

3 levels of wind

Wind volume 11,700 cbm./hr., Continuous usage up to 3 – 6 hr., energy saving with only 60 st./hr., electric power 200 W, electric current 1.39 A, and power supply 220 V/50 Hz.

At full water tank level
Continuous usage up to

6 Hours

Masterkool EKI-24

Water Tank 10 liter

Continuous usage with evaporation rate at about 1.7 – 3.3 liter/hr.

Far Distance Cooling

Coverage 40 sqm., height 166 cm., weight 21 kg., portable, suitable for outdoor or well-ventilated premise.

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