Masterkool MIK-25EXN

Coverage 23 sqm. Energy saving with only 36 st./hr.

Multi-function of cooling

Masterkool evaporative fan with 3 levels of wind power, 90-degree angle swing adjustable by touch control panel, and ozone water disinfection system and water running out alarm system.

Continuous cooling

Water tank 23 liter Continuous usage 5-9 hr., energy saving with only 36 st./hr., electric power 120 W electric current 0.77 A and power supply 220 V/50 Hz.

At full water tank level
Continuous usage up to

9 hours

Convenient use of water inlet

Masterkool MIK-25EXN having water inlet behind the machine, easy-to-use.

3 Cooling pad panel

Cooling pad with a volume of 18,890 cbm., automatic humidity control system and water evaporation control system with evaporation rate at about 2.8 – 4.8 liter/hr. allow water saving and longer lifetime.

Reduce the temperature up to

15 ° C

Far distance cooling

Axial fan with air grille channel size 35 x 35 cm. providing wind power volume up to 2,500 cum./hr. Body size 52 x 36 x 93 cm. Weight 13 kg. Weight after adding water 36 kg. Durable with ABS material.

Coverage to

23 sqm.

Remote control

Remote control with easy-to-use function
Able to control from far distance.

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